The First Hijabi Referee & The First Player To Wear a Hijab At The Women’s World Cup: Details Here

The First Player & First Hijabi Referee To Wear a Hijab At The Women’s World Cup

As the 2023 Women’s World Cup commences in Australia and New Zealand, FIFA is recognizing two trailblazing individuals in women’s football.

Nouhaila Benzina, a Moroccan football player, has made history as the first hijabi Muslim footballer to participate in the international tournament. Additionally, Heba Saadieh has become the first hijabi referee at the prestigious event.

FIFA took to Twitter to celebrate Nouhaila Benzina’s achievement, emphasizing how her participation breaks barriers on the global stage. The 25-year-old footballer, who is also part of the Moroccan Royal Army Football Club (FAR), joined the national team in 2018.

Morocco has been placed in Group H for the tournament, competing alongside Colombia, South Korea, and Germany. The country will commence its campaign against Germany on July 24.

Both Nouhaila Benzina and Heba Saadieh’s presence at the Women’s World Cup marks a significant milestone for diversity and representation in women’s football.

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