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CUET 2023 Qualifying Marks Revealed: Section-wise Breakdown

NTA has recently announced the qualifying marks for the CUET 2023 entrance examination. The examination comprises three sections: Language, Domain-Specific Subjects, and General Aptitude Exam. Let’s delve into the section-wise qualifying marks for CUET 2023.

Section I: Language Evaluation

In Section I, candidates are given the opportunity to select up to three languages from the options available, which include Sections IA and IB. This section aims to assess candidates’ vocabulary and literary abilities. Within a time frame of 45 minutes, candidates must answer a minimum of 40 questions out of the total 50 questions, based on their language preferences.

To pass Section I of CUET 2023, candidates must obtain a minimum qualifying mark of approximately 80-90 in each language. Consequently, for sections IA and IB combined, students are required to secure a total of 160-180 marks. However, students belonging to reserved categories will receive a relaxation of 5%.

Section II: Domain-Specific Subjects

Apart from the language options, candidates are allowed to choose up to six domain subjects out of the 27 available. To qualify for CUET, candidates must attempt at least 40-50 questions from each domain test. Each domain test has a time limit of 45 minutes.

The maximum score one can achieve in this section is 300 marks. Candidates must obtain over 120 marks to pass the CUET 2023 Domain section.

Section III: General Aptitude Exam

The General Aptitude Exam assesses students’ general knowledge, quantitative aptitude, and logical reasoning abilities. Candidates are given a choice of 75 questions, out of which they must answer 60 questions within 60 minutes. Similar to Section II, the qualifying mark for this section is also set at over 120 marks.

CUET Cut-Offs: Determined by Participating Institutes

The CUET 2023 participating institutes are responsible for determining their individual cut-off scores. To secure a place on the CUET 2023 merit list, students must score equal to or higher than the announced cut-off points. Cut-off scores may vary for each course and category. Since the CUET exam is based strictly on the CBSE Class 12 Syllabus, students who performed well in their board exams have been able to achieve good marks in the CUET 2023 Exam.

CUET Exam Percentile and Admission Criteria

Candidates’ CUET Exam percentile is calculated based on their score out of 800 marks. For example, if an individual scores 640 marks, their CUET Exam percentile will be 80. Students with an 80 percentile or above are eligible to apply for admission to various top colleges. On the other hand, aspirants aiming for moderate colleges should aim to score above 500 marks.

In addition to the qualifying 60% marks in CUET 2023, students must also achieve the CUET cut-off marks set by their desired university. Participating universities can choose to express the CUET cut-off in the form of rankings, CUET Passing Marks 2023, or a percentile. Only candidates who meet or exceed the CUET cut-off marks will be shortlisted for admission.

Aspirants are advised to prepare diligently for the CUET 2023 examination and strive to meet the qualifying marks to secure admission to their desired courses and universities.

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