Student Protest As Srinagar School Allegedly Refuses Entry To Them Wearing ‘ABAYA’|Check Complete Details

Srinagar, Jun 08 : Several students of
Vishwa Bharti Higher Secondary School in
Rainawari area of Srinagar held a protest
against the school authorities on Thursday
for allegedly not being allowed to enter the
premises wearing ‘Abaya’.

One of the protesting students told, that
they were not allowed to enter the school
premises wearing ‘Abaya’ following an order
from the school principal.

She said that the principal asked the
students not to enter the school premises
with ‘Abaya’ and now she is changing her
The students alleged that the school
authorities have started co-education in the
school despite being a girls institution. “We
want the authorities to fix dress code for us.”

Meanwhile, principal of the school told KNO
that even though the school has its own
dress code and some girls also wear ‘Abaya,
but they have never been stopped.
“Yesterday, I informed teachers to ask those
students not to wear Abaya in the school
premises but they can come in Abaya until
they reach school premises in order to
maintain decorum.”

She said added that there is no higher
authority involved in it but “l believe a proper
dress code which every where is being
followed shall be followed here as well.”
“We will announce a proper colour and
pattern of ‘Abaya’ for all those students who
want come to school wearing the same,. We
are not allowing colourful Abayas to be
followed in the institution” she said

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